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The monks of the Holy Mountain want to be photographed only reluctantly. To avoid major annoyance therefore it is essential to ask beforehand wether the monk allowes to be photographed.
Taking photos with permission often results in better images, you can approache as closer to the photo subject and a personal relationship with the other person is established.
Visitors to the holy mountain are primarily Pilgrims. So do not give the impression to the monks that photography is the main purpose for the visit to the holy mountain :-))

We recommend - also because of the large differences in altitude while hiking - a small, lightweight, unobtrusive photographic equipment: Flash units are undesirable in most locations: Therefore right where the flashlight would actually be required ;-((

If you do not speek the Greek language very well, it does in some cases (eg visit to the library) make sense to join Greek pilgrims. They get much more to see.

In addition, a small digital film camera with good microphone for recording sound documents (such as Holy Mass, choral songs during the Eucharist).
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