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The effect of the Konica Infrared SW 750 Black & White Infrared negative film is demonstrated on the topic Architecture.


In the three country corner Germany, France, Switzerland, not far from the city of Basel, on the opposite river Rhein side there is located an outstanding building.
A bold construction of cubes and curved elements in clear white colour, designed and build by the californien Architect Frank O. Gehry.
Forming are here the lightcross in the arched roof, like the asymmetric windows and towers, which break the dipping light.
The continuous changing solar zenith angle determines the photo significant and cares therefore for a wide motiv diversity.

Photo equipment:

  • Rollei SL66SE medium format camera
  • Lenses 50 and 80 mm focal distance, Redfilter No.25
  • Robust Stativ, remote-control release, mirror lockup to avoide vibrations due to the long exposure time
  • Exposure measurement with Normgreycard
  • Digital Photocamera with infrared sensitive sensor
Tonal value and high brilliance characterize the Black & White Infrared Film

Film or better Digital Camera:

Particularly for these motivs suitable is the Black & White Konika Infrared SW 750 Film. With his extraordinary tonal value and high brilliance the black & white film enables an outstanding differentiated reproduction of shades of grey.
The Konica Infrared SW 750 Film was exposed like 25 ASA and developed in Kodak D76 (1 + 1) 6 1/2 Minutes at roomtemperature (21 C) and continuous movement.

Unfortunately allmost all modern Digital cameras have buildin Infrared filter direct infront off the digital sensor. Who knows a digital camera, who's Chip reacts well on infrared light ?
Please post your experience with Digital Cameras and Infrared in the Digital Photography discussion forum.