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Mysterious Lycia - the land of lights - located along the Turkish coast. With the mysterious death cult Lycia is also the land of the sarcophagi, mysterious in horror screaming fossilized faces and giant rock tombs. You normally enter the Lycian way in Fethiye near Oludeniz dream beach and hike more than 500 km along the Turkish Riviera in the direction of Antalya. We have only 10 days and start the "Likya Yolu" in reverse direction from Antalya westward.

1. Day: Antalya

Oldtown sightseeing, Hadrians Gate, Triumphal Arch of marble from the year 130 AD., Clock tower, Murat Pasa Mosque, Antalya Harbor Cruise, with the old Nuremberg tram to the Archaeological Museum, stay overnight in the charming La Paloma hotel located in the oldtown of Antalya.
Hadrian's Gate in the old town of Antalya
In the forests of Ulupinar
The Lycian Way is consistently marked in red and white, the rather rare signs are yellow. However sometimes it is not easy to orient and find the right path. Detailed hiking maps from the Lycian Way - also maned Likya Yolu - aren't available, only more or less accurate directions and GPS-Tracks.
Only a few hikers are mid-April on the road, but somehow we always we found the right way points. Still, the Lycian Way is an insider tip.
Signposts along the Likya Yolu

2. Day: Ulupinar -> Fire fields Yanartas (Chimaera) -> Cirali

Start of our hiking in Ulupinar, known for its trout farms and the good fish restaurants.
Through beautiful pine forests and crossing a rushing creek (of course, without a bridge) we walk to the burning stones of Yanartas and Chimaira. From the mountain saddle above the fire fields, we have a magnificent view of the 2365 m high Tahtali mountain (cable car to the summit) and the wide bay of Cirali.
At the fire fields on the ancient cult site Chimaira natural gas comes out off the earth and burns with blazing flames. The flames are so hot that you easily could cook lunch on this natural oven. At night the flames field just lit up from afar. The eternal fire burns since ancient times.
In Cirali we feel like being in a perfume shop - enticing aromas everywhere - lemon and orange blossoms, thyme, Myhrte, huge bright yellow mimosa bushes as far as the eye can see.
On mile-long pebble tree beach of Cirali some impressive pine trees with huge trunks grow in Nature camping for motorhomes. Behind the narrow beach road there are many beautiful bungalow resorts and restaurants.
At the western end of the dream beach we visit the ancient city of Olympos.
GPS-Track Lycian Way: Ulupinar, Fire field Yanartas, Cirali GPS-Track hiking tour Ulupinar -> Firefield Yanartas (Chimaera) -> Cirali
Blazing flames on the fire field of Yanartas
Campsite on the long beach in Cirali

3. Day: Cirali -> Maden Bay -> Cirali

Beginning of the 4 hour hike is our Pansiyon Emek in Cirali. The red-white marked trail climbs steeply through sparse pine forest. The view back to the long beach of Cirali with its imposing, giant pines trees and the behind lying Mount Moses (Musa Dagi) is gorgeous. Beautiful views downto the dream coast of the Maden Bay and the 2365 m high snow-covered summit of the Tahtali mountain. Good swimming and bathing opportunities - mid April is the sea however still very fresh.
GPS-Track Lycian Way: Cirali, Maden Bay GPS-Track hiking Cirali -> Maden Bay -> Cirali

Ancient city of Olympos

In the evening we visit to the ancient city of Olympos. The ancient Olympos extends left and right of the river estuary. Hidden in the forest you find giant sarcophagi, grave houses, water pipes, decorated with ornate stucco grave chambers, round arches, Roman baths, ...
Dream beach of sand and pebbles stones in Cirali

4. Day: Cirali -> Olympos -> Musa Dagi Mountain -> Adrasan

The crossing of Musa Dagi mountain range (Mount Moses) between Cirali and Adrasan is a very strenuous section of the Lycian Way. Through dense forest, the trail climbs steeply up from Olympos on a 700 m high saddle to a shepherds hut with a circular threshing ground. Here its time for the lunch break. We needed for this difficult section of the Lycian Way 7 hours.
GPS-Track Lycian Way: Cirali, Olympos, Musa Dagi Mountain, Adrasan GPS-Track Cirali -> Olympos -> Musa Dagi -> Adrasan
We stay overnight at the Aybars Hotel in Adrasan. This hotel is beautifully situated about 100 m from the beach and sea, nearby the river - only accessible by a suspension bridge.

5. Day: Adrasan -> Lighthouse -> Adrasan

Finesandy Dreambeaches in the Bay of Adrasan After yesterday's long hike over the mountains of Musa Dagi, today's hike with magnificent views to the bay of Adrasan is a stroll. The easy hike takes us along the elongated beach with the "Matterhorn of Adrasan" mirroring in the water. In the front section of Arasan beach we find coarse gravel, crystal clear water, further back brown fine sand. Near the Hotel Ford the trail to the lighthouse begins. The big tourist excursion boats and fishing trawlers are still in dry-dock at the shore in hibernation.

From Karaoz to Cape Gelidonia

Transfer from Adrasan to Karaoz. Here the 5 hour coastal walk to the lighthouse Gelidonia Feneri (227 m), a beautiful lookout point with five offshore islands begins.
GPS-Track Lycian Way: Adrasan, small Lighthouse, Adrasan GPS-Track Adrasan -> small Lighthouse -> Adrasan
Matterhorn of Adrasan

6. Day: Kapagli -> Istlada -> Crusader Castle of Simena -> Kale -> Boat transfer to Öcagiz

From Adrasan we'll take a organized transfer (VW bus) to Demre to visit the famous St. Nicholas Church.
Ancient city of Myra with screeming Lycian faces 2 million Russians (per year) have already visited the Church of Saint Nicholas. Admission 5 euro per person is much too much for the few old stones and faded paintings.


Then we continue to the ancient city of Myra. Here, the admission of 5 Euro is always worthwhile. Lycian rock tombs, a well-preserved amphitheater for 10,000 spectators.
Ancient city of Myra with Amphitheater
Well-preserved Lycian sarcophagi in the ancient city Istlada From the small village of Kapagli, 15 km west of Demre, we walk through a barren landscape dominated by huge karst rocks to the ancient city Istlada and then further on along the sea with beautiful rocky coastline and many small offshore islands to the highly visible crusader castle of Simena. Many secluded coves as the Gokkaya Bay invite us with turquoise blue, crystal clear water for swimming.Herd of sheep in front of a Genoese castle from the late Middle Ages
From the village Kale below the Crusader Castle Simena we take the ship through the archipelago-like marine landscape (strongly reminiscent of Croatia) to Ucagiz. In Kale a Lycian sarcophagus is located directly in the sea.
GPS-Track Lycian Way: Kapagli, Istlada, Crusader Castle Simena, Kale, boat transfer to Öcagiz GPS-Track Kapagli -> Istlada -> Crusader Castle Simena -> Kale -> Boat to Öcagiz

We stay overnight in the Pansiyon Kekova located right on the harbour. Beautiful rooms with large balconies overlooking the sea. In Ocagiz prevails mass tourism. During the day plenty of buses with tourists from Antalya arrive, taking a short boat trip to the "Sunken City". Besides turquoise blue, crystal clear water and a few walls nothing is left of the "Sunken City" of Kekova.
View from the Crusader Castle of Simena downto the bay of Kekova with the village of Kale
View to the Islamic Minaret of Ücagiz from the nearby castle Just outside Ocagiz below the castle right next to residential buildings, there are some beautiful Lycian sarcophagi on lush meadows. From Ocagiz we only see the everything striking Islamic minaret.

7. Day: Kilicli -> Apollonia -> Aperlai -> Ocagiz

Transfer to the village Kiliçli. Just outside we begin the hike to the ruined ancient city of Apollonia. The Lycian city was inhabited until the Byzantine period. Then we walk through a barren rocky landscape down to the sea after Aperlai. An ideal place for a refreshing swim, right next to the ruins and stone sarcophagi of the partly sunken in the sea Lycian city. Passing the Purple House, a beautifully restored 200 year old stone house (simple Pansiyon), we reach (open only in summer), the turquoise blue bay of Kekova with Yörük Ramazan's Restaurant. From here you can easily go by boat back to Ucagiz.
GPS-Track Lycian Way: Kilicli, Apollonia, Aperlai, Öcagiz GPS-Track hiking Kilicli -> Apollonia -> Aperlai -> Ocagiz
Sunset with Lycian sarcophagi near Ocagiz
Those who have finished the walk on the Lycian Way in Ocagiz there is a bus transfer every day at 8 clock back to Antalya bus station (journey time approx 4 hours). Afterwards we vistit the old town of Antalya with the old Nuremberg tram or taxi.Small waterfall in the cliffs of Antalya
Beautiful rare flowers on the Likya Yolu

8 and 9. Day: Bogazcik -> Kepez -> Kas

Bus transfer to the village Bogazcik (two-day tour on the Lycian Way to Kas, possibly with camping overnight stay in the Bay of Ufakdere).

10. Day: Drive back to Antalya

Sunset tour with one of the many excursion boats along the steep coast of Antalya followed by sightseeing the old town.

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