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Itinerary: Kathmandu -> Pokhara -> Annapurna Trekking -> Pokhara -> Lukla -> Everest Trekking -> Lukla -> Kathmandu

Sunrise at Annapurna Range in Pokhara

Annapurna Trekking

Itinerary: Lumle -> Birethanti -> Ghandruk -> Majgaun -> Pothana -> Dhampus -> Suiketh

Easy Trekking in the mountains of Annapurna range in elevation from 1000 to 2000 m. The trails consist mainly of natural stone steps. The cosy dayly stages need a pure walking time of 3 to 5 hours. The trail leads through subtropical mountain forest, passing rice fields and picturesque villages. On the bark of the old giant trees in the rain forest often grow beautiful orchids. Again and again, there are offering spectacular views of Annapurna South (7219 m) and Hiunchuli Machapuchare (6993 m) to us.
Ranch near Majgaun
Dhaulagiri (8167 m) and Annapurna I are located behind and appears only on very good weather conditions. From the perspective (photo right) you can see very well why the Machapuchare is also known as Fishtail Mountain.
Who wants to see all the 8000 mountains of Annapurna Range close up should already hike the entire two-week Annapurna circuit or fly to Jomsom.

GPS-Track Annapurna Trekking GPS-Track Annapurna Trekking

To the startpoint of the Trekking in Lumle we drive by bus oder taxi, also from the endpoint in Suiketh back to Pokhara.
Machapuchare Fishtail mountain
Lodges and Restaurants along the Annapurna Trail, here PothanaBeautiful Orchids grow on the bark of old tree giants in the rain forest
Along the Annapurna trekking highway there are endless Lodges and Restaurants. On nice weather condition it is recommended to watch sunset on the lookout Poon Hill (3193 m), a short hiking from Ghorepani (2855 m) of one hour. Poon Hill is the top panorama mountain in Annapurna region.
Ultralight flight with Avia Club Nepal

Ultralight flight with Avia Club Nepal

After the boring Annapurna Trekking the Ultralight flight with Avia Club Nepal from Pokhara is a real Highlight and unforgetable adventure. Avia Club Nepal offers 15, 30 und 60 min flights around Pokhara, lake Phewa and the Annapurna region. I choose the one hour flight which takes me in almost 4000 m elevation quiet close to the holy mountain Machepuchare. Happily back we fly over gigant rice terraces, the Lake Phewa and the world peace stupa. My Pilot is Russian and in a former life he flies MIG29 jet fighters.

GPS-Track Ultralight Flug mit Avia Club Nepal GPS-Track Ultralight Flug mit Avia Club Nepal

Pokhara am Phewa See

Picturesque villages, smooth hills with rice terrace fields, subtropical forest and the sensational, only in 50 km distance up rising
Himalaya-Silouette make the Charme of Pokhara at Lake Phewa:
Lookout from world peace stupa to the Annapurna Range
Dhaulagiri (8167 m), Annapurna-South (7219 m), Annapurna I (8091 m), Macchapuchare (6993 m), Annapurna III (7555 m),
Annapurna IV, Lamjung Himal, Manaslu (8163 m) and Himalchuli (7893 m).
world peace stupa above Lake Phewa

World Peace Stupa

With a rowboat I go to the opposite shore of lake Phewa passing the monastery island. There starts the one-hour walk with great views to the Annapurna Range up to the peace stupa (Peace Pagoda 300 meters,). During the ascent, I accompany a Nepalese High School class. The young people try their English language skills out on me. They are very funny and we laugh a lot.

GPS-Track walking to the peace stupa and rowing boat trip upon the Phewa Lake GPS-Track trekking to Peace Stupa and rowing boat trip on Lake Phewa

Other excursions are the Devi's Fall, a deep gorge with waterfalls, through which squeezes the outflow of Phewa lake. In the north of the city lies the Bindu-Basini Temple, a Hindu shrine that is visited especially on non-working Saturday by the Nepalese youth.

Everest Trekking

Lukla -> Phakding -> Monjo -> Jorsale -> Namche Bazar -> Mendaphu Hill -> Syangboche -> Khunde -> Khumjung -> Everest View Hotel -> Tengboche - Pangboche -> Flight to Everest Basecamp -> Flight to Lukla

Lookout from Everest View Hotel into Khumbu - Mount Everest, Lothse, Ama Dablam
From Lukla the trail leads smoothly downhill towards Phakding, where we stop for lunch. In the thin air we must necessarily take it easy for the first days.

Sagarmatha National Park

Just beyond Monjo begins the Sagarmatha National Park. For trekking in the Khumbu region an admission fee permit is required.
Hillary bridge over the milk river (Dudh Koshi) On countless mani stones (prayer stones) along the path of the milk river (Dudh Koshi) the Buddhist mantra "Om mani padme hum" is painted or chiseled.Funny Sherpa woman at a short break on the steep trail up to Namche Bazar
Buddhist memorials are always surounded in clockwise direction. Walk around in wrong direction brings bad luck !
Namaste - resounds it us from far away - the Sherpas are very friendly people. Namaste means "I greet the God who lives inside You." I had a lot of fun at a rest stop on the steep, strenuous trail up to Namche Bazar with this funny Sherpa woman.
The milk river (Dudh Koshi) winds framed by rainforest and flowering bushes through the narrow valley.

Hillary bridge

Before reaching the steep stairway up to the mountaineering city Namche Bazar we cross the famous Hillary bridge (2650 m). Myriads of colourful prayer flags wave in the wind.
The villages Monjo or Jorsale are suitable for an overnight stay in a comfortable lodge, so we are relaxed to take the climb up to Namche Bazar in attack. The 800 meters of elevation is a first condition test in thin air (about 5 hours ascend). All along are coming down over the steep stairs heavily loaded yaks. It is very important to quickly give way, move to the mountain side and wait.

GPS-Track from Lukla to Namche Bazar GPS-Track from Lukla to Namche Bazar
Serpentine like, the milk river (Dudh Koshi) winds through the narrow valley of Khumbu

Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar (3450 m), the capital of the Sherpas is the last major settlement on the way to the "roof of the world". Here Trekking friends will find everything of Mountaineering equipment that is necessary to Conquer great heights. Whether the down jackets, functional underwear or hiking boots of globally renowned manufacturers are genuine, remains open. In addition, there are many beautiful lodges, restaurants, internet cafes, souvenir and food shops.
Namche Bazar, Khunde (3840 m) or Khumjung (3790 m) are ideal bases for the necessary height adjustment.
Namche Bazar the capital city of the nepalese Sherpas

Mendaphu Hill

10 min above Namche Bazar is located a pretty good lookout
Mendaphu Hill
Edelweiss on the pasture above the Everest View Hotelon Mount Everest, Ama Dablam and Lothse.
The adjacent park administration is more like a military base, everywhere warning signs and soldiers with machine guns.

Everest View Hotel

Menu card Everest View Hotel On the steep trail up to the Everest View Hotel (3880 m) you will find many Edelweiss and Gentian. Unfortunately, many of them were already withered in middle of November.
The view from the sun terrace of the Everest View Hotel deep into the Khumbu is extraordinary. Prices are surprisingly affordable for a hotel in such a unique location. Clearly we can recognizes the Tengboche monastery.
Reflection in the glass facade of the Everest View Hotel
The Ama Dablam looks close enough to touch and is reflected in the glass facade of the Everest View Hotel. On the alpine pastures all around yaks from the near yak breeding farm of Syangboche are grazing.
Tea house in the Sherpa village Khumjung

View to Mount Everest

The lower part of Mount Everest - called by Nepalese people "Sagarmatha" and by the Tibetans "Chomolungma" - is hided from this perspective through the Nuptse mountain.

Sherpa villages Khumjung and Khunde

In Khunde (3840 m) we visit the legendary Hillary Hospital.
Khumjung (3790 m), the former capital city of the Sherpas was founded about 500 years ago and is one of the first settlements in the Khumbu region. A long Mani wall leads to the village center.
Most Sherpas who work for Everest ascent are born and raised in the small mountain villages Khumjung, Khunde, Mende or Thame on about 4000 m altitude.
Mount Everest (8848 m), the roof of the world
GPS-Track Panorama walk to Everest View Hotel, Khumjung, Syangboche GPS-Track Panorama walk to Everest View Hotel, Khumjung, Syangboche

Sherpa village Khumjung
Even at an altitude of almost 4000 m grow still beautiful Himalayan pines.
Buddhist monastery Tengboche

Buddhist monastery Tengboche

The Buddhist monastery of Tengboche (3867 m) is renowned for its magnificent view probably one of the most legendary sites in Khumbu. When the trumpets and drums of the monks tear us from sleep, it's time to participate to the daily morning prayer ceremony "Putscha"." Steep climb from Namche Bazar to Syangboche
The Tengboche monastery is famous for the mask dance of the monks at MANI Rimdu FESTIVAL. The exact Festival date varies annually and is posted on the monastery site
Unfortunately, I have seen the beautiful monastery Tengboche only from far distance.


Drive into the historic old town of the Nepalese capital city Kathmandu with sightseeing the wooden royal palace. Very beautiful wood carvings on the royal buildings. In the Center of the Durbar Square sacred Hindu cows are swarmed by thousands of pigeons.
The traffic jam in Kathmandu is indescribable and the exhaust-containing dusty air takes our breath away. Along the streets are hills of garbage everywhere.
Hindu cremation site Pashupatinath
Sacred Cows in front of the Royal Palace in Kathmandu Golden Gate at Royal Palace
Hindu cremation site Pashupatinath

Four-faced Buddhist Bodnath Temple

The Bodnath Temple is with 36 m height one of the most important buddhist holy places in Kathmandu valley. The laying the foundation stone goes back to Licchavi in 5th century after Christus. In the fullmoon nights (Vesakh-festival) thousands of butter lamps are eluminated on the terrasses, which suround the Stupa in the shape of a Mandala. The Bodnath Stupa is located ca 8 km northeast of Kathmandu. There is also the monastery of Cini Lama, the third highest dignitary of the Tibetians. Religious Buddhists mainly suround the Bodnath Temple at daybreak or at twilight clockwise. Thousands of coloured prayer flags chatter in the wind and carry the "Om mani padme hum" in the sky.
Four-faced Buddhist Temple Bodnath Brass figures in Patan
 Hindu Symbols in Bakthapur Hindu Symbols in Bakthapur Hindu Symbols in Bakthapur
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