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Bora Bora

Boat cruise in the lagoon of Bora Bora, swimming with manta rays and sharks (Sharkfeading)

An absolute highlight is the all-day boat trip with lunch consisting of Polynesian specialties.
Hina and Alphonse discover the huge lagoon and drive with us to the most beautiful coral gardens and Motus.

An unforgettable experience is swimming and snorkeling with manta rays and reef sharks. Alphonse attracts the wild living animals with a bloody bait. The Manta rays are so trusting that we can pet them.
Polynesian Outrigger boat Teremoana
First stop is the coral garden. We jump from the boat into the crystal clear, turquoise brilliant water and are immediately surrounded by hundreds of colorful tropical fish. It's like in the aquarium.
Alphonse dive 10 meters deep to the ocean floor with a piece of fish and attracts a dangerous moraine out below the rocks. Tenderly he caresses with the bare hand over her back - we gasp in horror.
After a leisurely snorkel bath we continue with the boat. The water is now dark blue. Alphonse stops the boat and swims ahead in search of giant manta rays. It's a sublime moment when such a giant manta ray with 5 to 6 m wingspan glides silently towards us.
feeding the dangerous moraine
Copyright Underwater Photos Hina Montaron, Bora Bora
Giant manta rays with up to 6 m wingspan Snorkeling as in the aquarium
Near-collision with a giant grouper Trusting coral fish can be fed
Giant sea turtle Curious Manta rays for petting
We continue with the Polynesian outrigger boat in shallow water, where the mini editions of the giant manta rays are already waiting on us. The manta rays are so trusting that we can pet them.
One of the Manta rays likes my little yellow underwater camera. He wants to have the camera unconditionally and is quite intrusive. His skin feels velvety soft.

But the most dangerous adventure is still to come - we want to observe sharks outside the shielding reef.
Manta Rays in touch with our guide Alphonse
But first, we disembark on a motu for lunch. For lunch we eat traditional Polynesian Hangi, Polynesian specialties. After dinner we try to open coconuts with a simple stick - a difficult undertaking.
Hina and Alphonse are singing Polynesian folk songs and playing the guitar to it.
Traditional Polynesian Hangi
Swimming with dangerous reef sharks Swimming with dangerous reef sharks
After the luring attempts by Alphonse are successful with blood, an ice-cold shiver runs down my back. There are 10 to 15 sharks, more than 2 m long and they are quick as lightning.
The sharks are circling our boat. We remain in the water close together and keep us close to the boom of the outrigger boat Teremoana. Alphonse assures us that sharks are usually peaceful. I want quickly swim back to shoot a photo from the boat, but the sharks are everywhere. They circle the ship very fast.
Hina makes a video with her professional underwater camera the highlights of the day in a very personal film that you can buy burned to DVD. Thus, each participant has an unforgettable memory of the most beautiful day on Bora Bora.

Hiking to Belvedere from Matira

Directly opposite to the Club Med, the walk on the mountain ridge above the peninsula Matira starts. There are no signs, signposts are empty, suspended plastic bottles. The orientation is difficult.
At the top of the mountain ridge, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views across the peninsula of Matira and downto both sides of the lagoon (ascent about 1 hour).
Hina films the trustful Manta Rays


Belvedere, Mount Aorai

Drive with rental car from Papeete to the 600 m above sea level located Hotel Belvedere with beautiful view downto the harbor of Papeete.
Behind the hotel the not quite easy ascent of the 2066 meter high Mount Aorai summit starts. The way to the first refuge mountain hut leads right through a French army base.
By the armed to the teeth and grimly looking soldiers, however you should not be intimidated. For taking a quick photo I have enough courage.
Up to the mountain ridge of Hamuta the trail is still easy to walk. Beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, as well as to the first mountain hut Fare mato at 1400 m altitude.
On steep passages safety ropes are attached. The safety ropes are only necessary when the loamy path is greasy and slippery by suddenly occurring heavy rain.
The second section of the trail is more difficult and leads over the devil rock to the second refuge mountain hut Fare ata. Thanks to the well-marked path climbing Mount Aorai without a guide can be ventured.
Hotel Belvedere on Tahiti island
View from the Hotel Belvedere downto the port of Papeete On the way from Hotel Belvedere to the first refuge mountain hut Fare mato at 1400 m altitude

Mahina, Venus Point

Deep black fine sandy lava beach with snow-white lighthouse, meeting place of the youth of Tahiti. Even if thick rain clouds hang over the whole island, here shines mostly still the sun.

Market Halls in Papeete

Here you'll find very affordable pearls, of course no guarantee of authenticity.
Native bird on Venus beach

Island round trip

Gaugin Museum
Plateau of Taravao


Lookout Belvedere

View from Venus beach to Mount Aorai Marché in Papeete
Fantastic view from Belvedere downto the two bays Baie d'Opunohu and Baie de Cook
The Belvedere offeres a fantastic view of the two bays Baie d'Opunohu and the famous Baie de Cook to us.
By renting a scooter the journey through the tropical mountain forest of Moorea is a real highlight.
At a short stop by the rum factory you shouldn't miss a liqueur tasting.
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