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1000 years like one day

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Mount Athos

The Holy Mountain Athos is a monastic republic in northern Greece located on the third finger of the Chalkikidi Peninsula.

Twenty still inhabited big monasteries exist today on the Holy Mount Athos:

  • Monastery Megisti Lavra (oldest monastery
    on the Holy Mount Athos)
  • Monastery Vatopedi
  • Monastery Iviron
  • Monastery Chelandar
  • Monastery Dionysiou
  • Monastery Koutloumousiou
  • Monastery Pantokratoros
  • Monastery Xeropotamou
  • Monastery Zographou
  • Monastery Dochiariou
  • Monastery Karakalou
  • Monastery Philotheou
  • Monastery Simonos Petra
  • Monastery Agiou Pavlou
  • Monastery Stavronikita
  • Monastery Xenophontos
  • Monastery Grigoriou
  • Monastery Esphigmenou
  • Monastery Agiou Panteleimonos (russian)
  • Monastery Konstamonitou

Hiking the Mount Athos summit (2033 m)

  • With the shuttle boat from Ouranopolis to the harbour of Karyes
  • Shuttle Bus to the monk republic capital Karyes
  • Start from Karyes walking east, pasing the monastery Koutloumousiou
  • Stop at Monastery Philotheou (walk Karyes Philotheou takes about 2.5 hours)
    Visit of the Monastery Philotheou, possibly stay overnight at the Monastery
  • we continue to the Monastery Karakalou (walk Philotheou Karakalou about 30 min.)
  • via Morfonou to the big Monastery Megisti Lavra (hiking from Morfonou to Megisti Lavra takes about 2.5 hours)
    monastery sightseeing, dinner and stay overnight at the Monastery Megisti Lavra
  • On the next morning we walk past the Skite Prodromou (260 m) up to the saddle along the steep southeast flank of Mount Athos massif (770 m)
  • Stay overnight in the alpine pasture Kerasia, the mountain hut Kerasia (650 m) is the best starting point for an ascent of Mount Athos summit,
    or if you are strong enough, continue climbing up to the chapel and refuge mountain hut Phanagia (1500 m) and stay overnight there
    (hiking from the saddle (770 m) to Mount Athos summit (2033 m) in about 4 hours)
  • After the descent either turn to Katounakia or walk directly to the Skite Ag.Anna
  • On the next morning we continue to the monasteries Dionysiou and Gregoriou
  • One last time we stay overnight in the Simonos Petra monastery
  • in the morning walking from Simonos Petra to the russian Monastery Agiou Panteleimonos
  • with the shuttle boat from the russian Monastery Agiou Panteleimonos back to Ouranopolis
Preparation: For entry the monk republic strictly necessary is the Athos-visa DIAMONITERION
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