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A starry cold night lies over the Monday after Ash Wednesday above the roofs of the old town of Basel in Switzerland. There is an eerie silence in the dark alleys. The cathedral bell strikes four clock. Suddenly, an a thousand and one times cheer of joy rises from the waiting crowds. It is "Morgestraich", the beginning of the Carnival in Basel.
It whistles and drums everywhere, from the dark alleys flow out awesome, eerie masked figures with Piccolo flutes and drums. They are moving and dancing to the rhythm of their shrill music, magically illuminated by small hand lamps or head lanterns.

At daybreak the "Bebbi's" like the Basel Carnival fans are affectionately named, warm up in the countless cafes and restaurants with flour soup and onion tart before they go to work.

But in the afternoon they are again "uff dr Gass". At a length of more than ten kilometers the "Cortege", the large carnival parade of cliques is winding like a tree on a fixed route through of tens of thousands of cheering spectators in the streets of Basel. The cliques have such illustrious names as "Muggedaetscher, Wiehlmys or Rhyspatze". They are marching in military drill, ahead of the artistically painted lantern, the sujet of the clique, followed by "Vortraeblern", pipers and the "Tambourmajor" with his "tambours" (drummers). In between "Waggis", who represent Alsacian farmers who drive on magnificently decorated carriages and throw tons of "Raeppli" (Confetti), but also orange, yellow beets, potatoes, mimosa flowers and sweets into the crowd.

On Tuesday is the day of the children. A "Guggemusic" evening concert is deafening noise. Free from the strict ritual "schraenzen" the cliques in unrestrained, cheerful confusion in the narrow streets of the old town of Basel. "Gaessle" means this spectacle, and "Gaessle" includes also innumerable individual masks or small groups, "Schyssdraeggziigli" called, or which consist of two, three four pipers and drummers.

On Wednesday is once again Carnival Parade "Cortege".

Bebbis soap Carnival girl with Raeppli