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Light effect filters are especially well suited for digital photography, because the filter effect is immediately visible.

Types of light effect filter:
  • 3-facet prism
  • 6-facet prism
  • Point lens
  • Close-up lens
  • Wiping effect
    concentric 6-facet prism light filter+Point lens light filter =concentric 6-facet prism and point lens light filter applied on stained-glass church window
    6-facet prism
     Point lens

    More good usable light filters for alienation effects:

    concentric 3-facet prism light filterconcentric 5-facet prism light filterlinear 3-facet prism light filterlinear 3-facet prism light filter 
    3-facet prism
    5-facet prism
    3-facet prism
    6-facet prism


    The filter effect strongly varies with the displacement of the aperture. Therefore the filter effect can be continuously controled by the depth of field button or if possible by using a working aperture (only for medium-format cameras).
    By rotating the filters effect against each other, adjusting the aperture and change the shooting distances arise infinitely many design variations.