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Springtime, the fresh Green of the trees and meadows invites us to a photographic promenade with the Kodak Ektachrome Infrared 2236 Film.

Technically developed for military purposes, is this for infrared light sensibilised special film also interesting for photographic experiments.
With the Infraredfilm, which shows a totally "abnorme" colour distribution, normaly the blue sensitive colour layer was changed to an infrared sensitive emulsion. The Infrared film therefore behaves not - like a normal slide film - for the fundamental colours blue, green and red sensitive, but for Infrared, Green and Red. Due to this behavier the Infrared film is named wrong colour film.

Filter - like in the Black & White Photography common - may be used:
  • Yellow filter, Orangefilter
  • Green filter No.13
  • Red filter No.25
The Filter effect is showed below by these sample photos:
without filter Yellow filter or Green filter Red filter
without filter Green filter No.13 Red filter No.25

The Infraredphotos above are made during a promenade at Nymphenburg Palace Park in Munich Germany.

The colours of the Infrared film shifts to Irreal or Fantastic views. So the chlorophyll containing leave green changes to bright carmine red or purple, because it reflects much Infraredlight, the blue sky poison green or deap blue. Reflexes on surfaces of the water change colours equally. Snow white Cumulus clouds enhance the surrealistic cue state (light and emotion effect).

Especially the unmistakable response to chlorophyll containing leave green makes the Infrared film to a important material for detection of damage to forests. Healthy plants appear according to the implemented Filter bright orange, red or violett.

When the film speed is set to 100 ASA, you get a small underexposure, which strongly increases the colour saturation.

The verybest Infrared photos you can get at a footwalk in the wild nature by sunny spring weather.

Experiments with Black & White Infraredfilm

The Black & White Konika Infrared SW 750 Film is suitable especially for Architecture- and Landscape photography. With his extremely tonal value the black & white infrared film allows extrem high quality of shades of grey.

Konika Infrared SW 750 Film used with Redfilter Black & White Infrared photos look very clear, the long-wave Infrared light pervades the dust essential better as the more short-wavelength daylight.

Planted areas reflect Infrared light very well and therefore often look very bright - nearly like snowcovered.
Redfilter No.25

You can get a good balanced distribution between visible and infrared light when using the Redfilter No. 25. Real Infrared filter (darkred until blackred) are less convenient, unfortunatelly because of the digital camera buildin exposure measurement equipment gives wrong exposure values on pure Infrared light :o((
Due to the very low film speed of the Konica Infrared SW 750 a stativ is urgendly recommended.

The Konica Infrared SW 750 Film was exposed like 25 ASA and developed in Kodak D76 (1 + 1) 6 1/2 Minutes at roomtemperature (21 C) and continuous movement.
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