Blue Cruise along the Lycian Coast

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Blue Cruise on a Turkish Gulet, Tandem Paragliding in Oludeniz

This Blue Cruise on a comfortable gulet along the Lycian Coast between Fethiye and Marmaris on the Turkish Riviera is a perfect combination of relaxing and adventure. Beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, crystal clear 26 °C warm water, lonely bays and anchorages, magnificent islands, deep blue to bright turquoise shining sea, hiking tours to the Lycian rock tombs, Byzantine ruins and as adrenaline kick a tandem paragliding flight from nearly 2000 m high Babadag Mountain down to the dream beach Ölydeniz.

Dalaman (Bus Transfer from the airport) -> Goecek (embarking) -> Ekincik -> Dalyan (boat excursion) -> Marmaris -> Fethiye (stay overnight in the harbour) -> Babadag Mountain (Bus, Tandem Paragliding flight) -> Oludeniz (Motorboat shuttle to the Gulet) -> Island Gemiler -> Fethiye (harbour, disembarking) -> Dalaman (Bus Transfer to the airport)

Turkish gulets in the harbor of Gocek

1. Day: Goecek

Short sightseeing walk through the Tourist village Goecek with many souvenir shops.
Embarking on our Turkish Gulet and cruising from Goecek along the Lycian coast to the Bay of Aga Limani.
Hiking in the evening light to the ruins of the Lycian city Lydea with its monumental tombstones. The dinghy of the Gulet brings us to the rocky coast.
Stay overnight in the bay of Aga Limani.
The dinghy of our gulet picks us up from the hike to the ruins of the old Lycian city Lydea
Wild Lycian coast at Aga Limani, anchorage of our first day

2. Day: Bay of Ekincik, marshes of Dalyan

Early in the morning we drive to our next anchorage in the bay of Ekincik.
In the afternoon excursion by a small boat through the marshes and channels of Dalyan to the Lycian rock tombs of the Caunos. The Lycian graves date from the 4th Century BC. Dalyan is located on a canal, which connects the lake of Kocegiz with the sea. When approaching the airport Dalaman, we have already seen the river delta from the air. The boat tour leading through meters tall reeds and through a maze of natural channels, is an experience of special kind. Stops in the town of Dalyan and a sulfur-containing mud bath.
Mosque in the holiday resort of Dalyan swampland
Mud bath in the swampland of Dalyan
The gray mud stinks bestially like rotten eggs, what the young family, however, does not stop rubbing from head to toe with the mud. In the 38 °C hot thermal water you can wash off the mud again.
In the countless channels of with tall reeds overgrown river delta we observe over 1m long hawksbill turtles (Caretta caretta).
Dangerous hawksbill turtle in the swampland of Dalyan
The overgrown with reeds river delta is offshore by a 5 km narrow, only by boat accessible sandy beach - in summer nesting beach of sea turtles. Here you can rent umbrellas and beach chairs.
Elongated offshore sandy beach in front of the swampland of Dalyan
Staying overnight in the bay of Ekincik.

3. Day: Marmaris

At dawn departure to Marmaris. Anchoring in the harbor of Marmaris, next to a huge cruise ship.
Marmaris with castle Kalesi
We recommend a walk through narrow streets up to the castle of Marmaris Kalesi and the tiny panoramic restaurant, only accessible via steep stairs in the picturesque old town with a beautiful panoramic view. In 1958, the city of Marmaris was almost completely destroyed by a major earthquake. The enthroned above Marmaris Fortress Kalesi has been one of the few historic buildings hardly damaged. Grouped in narrow streets around the medieval castle are snow-white half-timbered houses in the old town.
In the afternoon four-hour drive back towards Gocek.
Staying overnight in the bay of Monastir.

4. Day: Bay of Monastir

In the morning short drive and anchoring near a dilapidated Hammam called "Cleopatra's Bath".
After crossing over with the dinghy to the rocky shore we hike onto a 200 m high rock pulpit with magnificent views downto the Bay of Monastir.
GPS-Track hiking onto a 200 m high rock pulpit in the Bay of Monastir GPS-Track hiking onto the 200 m high rock pulpit in the Bay of Monastir
Staying overnight near the red island Kizilada. Here live many wild hares and rabbits. Since our hunting instinct awakens, the rabbits would be a welcome break in the monotonous food plan of the TUI Kaya Yachting ship Tersane 10 :o))

5. Day: Bay of Fethiye

In the evening entry into the harbor of Fethiye. Overnight stay on the quay of Fethiye.

6. Day: Dreambeach Oludeniz

Early morning bus ride to Oludeniz and continue with an offroad car of the paragliding company "Easy Rider" to the holiday resort of Ovacik and then up on an extremely narrow and steep dirt road to the 2000 m high Babadag Mountain. The launch sites for paragliders are in an altitude from 1700 to 1900 meter.
40 minutes tandem paragliding flight down to the dream beach of Oludeniz, the most beautiful beach in Turkey.
International Paragliding Festival in Oludeniz, hundreds of paragliders from all over the world are at the dangerous start on summit of Babadag Mountain.
GPS-Track Tandem Paragliding from Babadag Mountain downto Oludeniz beach GPS-Track Tandem Paragliding from Babadag Mountain downto Oludeniz beach
Videofilm Tandem Paragliding from Babadag Mountain downto Oludeniz beach Video clip of Tandem Paragliding from Babadag Mountain downto Oludeniz beach
Walking along the dreambeach of Oludeniz (fine pebbles, gravel, no sand). The most beautiful beach area of Oludeniz is a nature reserve and costs 5 TL entrance fee.
A crew member of our gulet picks me up from Oludeniz beach by in the dinghy to the anchorage place of the ship in the bay of Gemiler.
Pebble beach Oludeniz in the Nature Reserve of Oludeniz

7. Day: Bay of Gemiler

Continue our cruise to the island Gemiler with Byzantine ruins. Walk through the anthike site with magnificent views from the lighthouse onto the Babadag Mountain and the surrounding islands.
Byzantine ruins on the island Gemiler
Swimming stops along the Bay of Fethiye. Here and there tentacles of jellyfish swimming in 26 °C warm water in October. A strip while swimming ca cause burning painful red spots on your skin.
In the evening we arrive at the harbor of Fethiye. Overnight stay on the quay.

8. Day: City and harbour of Fethiye

Bazaar and hamam of Fethiye, short taxi ride to the Lycian rock tombs with beautiful views downto the harbor of Fethiye with hundreds of sailing boats and Turkish Gulets.
Transfer to the airport Dalaman and flight back home.

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Hafenpromenade in Fethiye
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