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Nepal - Trekking in Annapurna and Everest region

My five star Hotel room in Dwarika's*****

Hotels in Kathmandu

The Dwarika's*****, furnished in traditional nepali style, is a oasis of quietness in the fast-paced, busy Kathmandu, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Five star Hotel Dwarika's***** in Kathmandu
Artful teakwood carvings trom the 16th century ornament the inner courtyard of the hotel.
Luckily the Dwarikas heritage is located outside the citycenter of Kathmandu (near the airport), so we don't have to suffer from the chaotic traffic jam and the enormous polution in the megacity Kathmandu. The Yak and Yeti hotel in the citycenter is a ugly concrete building against Dwarikas.
Artful teakwood carvings in Dwarika's***** hotel

Lodges on Annapurna Trekking

The american Lodge-chain Ker & Downey Nepal runs these 4 very beautiful located and comfortabel furnished Lodges for a easygo Annapurna-Trekking:
  • Sanctuary Lodge, Birethanti
  • Himalaya Lodge, Ghandruk
  • Gurung Lodge, Majgaun
  • Basanta Lodge, Dhampus
dining area of the Basanta Lodge in Dhampus
Bungalow in the Gurung Lodge near Majgaun
All Lodges are perfect equiped with down jacket, sleeping bag and flip-flops. The well furnished rooms have private bathroom with hot shower from Solar energy and toilet.
In the evening we sit comfortable around the warming open fire. Between 18 and 19 o'clock is "Happy Hour", that means all drinks are free of charge. Breakfast and das three-start evening meal tastes excellent good in all Lodges.

Hotels in Pokhara

The picturesque Fishtail Lodge is located on a hook direct to Lake Phewa. The from Lake Phewa far away located Shangrila Village Hotel (ugly concrete building with partially smelly, noisy rooms) is not recommended.

Lodges on Everest Trekking

  • Yeti Mountain Home, Phakding
  • Everest Summit Lodge or Monjo Lodge, Monjo
  • Yeti Mountain Home Namche Bazar, above Namche Bazar (3450 m)
  • Everest View Hotel (3850 m)
  • Everest Summit Lodge, upon Tashinga (3500 m)
  • Everest Summit Lodge, Pangboche (3985 m)
To avoid mountain sickness you have to plan one ore two days off for acclimatisation and relaxing in Namche Bazar, Khunde or Khumjung.
View from my room window in Yeti Mountain Home Namche Bazar
Because in Khumbu region it can get very cold in November or December, the luxury Lodges are equipped with electrical heater in the room and sometimes also electric blankets in the bed.
View into the Cockpit of Yeti Air

Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world

The 2860 m high Tensing-Hillary-Airport is the bottleneck to Everest region. Often flights are canceled due to fog or bad weather conditions. The runway on a high plateau is only 20 Meter wide and 550 Meter long. The airport Lukla is a so called STOL-Airport: Short Take Off and Landing.
In a failed landing approach, the pilot has no chance to get moving again. A rock wall forms the end of the runway. The runway is downhill - Reason: Landings are carried out in Lukla "uphill" and starts for acceleration "downhill".
Luckily the strong Yak on the meadow waits with the crossing of the runway until our aircraft has taken off. Otherwise it would give mincemeat :o))


The big untarred gravel runway and the recently crashed airplane of Yeti (Tara) Air remember, that in Syanboche should be build a second Lukla in 3800 m elevation. The dangerous landing approach and mass occurrence of mountain sickness of the passengers stopped the overambitious project. Now sometimes Yak cows are grazing on the lonesome runway.

Tip: Who wants to preserve his knies and don't wants to hike back the whole trip over Namche Bazar down to Lukla , can be picked up from Syangboche by plane or even better Pangboche by helicopter.

For the flight to Lukla propeller aircraft of type Twin Otter and Dornier 228 are used, to Syangboche Pilatus Porter or helicopter. But always You should keep In mind, that at very bad weather conditions, the entire section must be run back into a forced march of 1 to 2 days. A helicopter needs for the flight from Syangboche to Lukla only 7 minutes.

Tip: On the panorama flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara due to the grandios lookout to the Himalaya range it is recommendet to sit on the right side in flight direction !
Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world
crashed aircraft of the Yeti (Tara) Air laying on the runway in Syangboche
during the panorama flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara it is recommended to sit on the right side !

Drinking water

In the Lodges you get multiple filtrated drinking water for filling up. So the waste of plastic bottles is avoided. Since in the Khumbu during the day it can get very cold (large temperature difference between sun and shade), I took hot water or tea in a thermos bottle as a daily ration with me. Without Thermos Bottle drinking water would freeze cold as ice during the day and that is extrem unhealthy.

Sherpas, Yaks the "trucks of the mountains", luggage

One sherpa in Annapurna region carries the luggage of two tourists. The weight of a trekking bag should be no more then 15 kg, according to the domestique flights with small aircrafts. My trekking bag weighed a little more (about 20 kg) and fortunately this no one has bothered. Cargo was weighed only as total for our group.
Everything you do not need for trekking, you can deposit in Kathmandu at the hotel.
The "Trucks of the mountains" below the altitude 4000 m are no real Yaks, they are crossings of Yaks and cows - named Dschok-Pa's. In Everest region our luggage was carried by three Dschok-Pa's.
Baggage handling of Yeti Air in Kathmandu


Telephoning in a Call-Shop from Nepal to Germany is sensational cheap, 3 Cent per Minute.
Network coverage for cell phone is also very high during the trekking. Nepalese people are in love and mobile and telephone constantly. Nepalese prepayed SIM cards are very cheap.
Everest Beer, the power fuel for the Trekking

Money change

You can change money in Hotels, Banks or currency exchange offices. For one euro you get little more than 100 rupees. During the trek is not always the possibility of change money. ATMs are available only in Kathmandu and Pokhara.


The rooms in the hotels (even in 5 Star Dwarika's hotel) and Lodges can be secured with a small padlock. Therefore it proves to be very convenient if you have two own padlocks on hand , a small padlock for the trekking bag and a somewhat larger for the hotelroom door.

Everest Beer

The man on the Everest beer label is definitely not the Yeti, he is Nima Gombu Sherpa, who defeats Mount Everest 12 times.
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