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Closeup, Macro, Table-Top
With the adjustable bellow of the Rollei SL66 you can focus continuously between close-up and infinity without additional equipment like macro or shift lenses. The overall bellow movement is 50 mm.
7,5 mm Bellow movement is efficient for the Standardlens
Macro photo inside tulip with 1:1 reproduction scale
Rollei SL66 with shifted bellow and lens in retro position equiped for macro photography

2.8/80 mm to focus from 1 m until infinity. The remaining distance of 42,5 mm is used for close-up range.
With Retro positioning of the lenses you can reach reproduction scales above 1:1.

In the range of Table-Top photo­graphy you can combine easily Close-up and Sharpness prolongation according to the Scheimpflug principle.
The integrated Multiple field exposure meter automaticaly takes care of the exact exposure settings and therefore for optimal photoresults.

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