Sharpness prolongation according to the Scheimpflug principle

Zeis Lens with bellow tilt out of optical Axis

The Scheimpflug sharpness prolongation is suitable especially for photos in the range of:

  • Architektur (to avoid converging lines)
  • Stillife, Table-Top
  • Landscape

With tilt and shift the bellow (max +-8 with Rollei SL66) out of the optical axis the sharpness plane is moved from vertikal towards horizontal.

Young Lava on the Canarie Island Lanzarote

Stopping down is the photographic technique that increases the depth of field by reducing the aperture of the camera lens. Every object is displayed sharp from closeup to the skyline with open aperture. The through stopping down generated field depth operates now in the vertical.
The adjacent example shows the Scheimpflug Effekt quiet good.
Discoverer of these Effects is the german Geodät Theodor Scheimpflug: constraint for total sharpness of a photo is fullfilled when image plane, optical lens plane and digital sensor or film plane intersect on a common straight line.
In the viewfinder of the camera you can easily see the intensity of Scheimpflug sharpness prolongation effect.



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